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Familylinks Training Institute

Are you looking to get continuing-education credits as a social worker, addiction counselor or mental health worker, or learn more about the current workplace climate and how to be a better leader? Whether you’re looking to advance your education in your field, or learn the theory behind being an effective manager, the Familylinks Training Institute has a selection of courses that can help you to be your best.

Leadership & Management

Our Training Institute provides a full complement of classes on emotional intelligence, positive discipline, situational leadership and other models for understanding staff dynamics and becoming a more effective leader.

Some offerings are more specialized. In Managing Generations, learn how generational values, views and priorities affect how colleagues pursue goals and work together. Keeping Morale High When the Climate is Low concentrates on the social climate of the workplace when the economy is at a low point, as important a time as any to remain engaged and present in your employees’ lives.

Staff Development

In order to have a productive workplace environment, staff must be equipped with the tools to manage their time, tasks and communication well. The Familylinks Training Institute offers a number of trainings aimed at teaching skills that will make for smoother, more effective workplace relations.

In Stress Management, we present coping resources, and give students an opportunity to complete an action plan for dealing with current stressors. Diversity and inclusion are also crucial to a positive workplace environment; just one of many offerings on the topic is LGBTQ: An Overview. Beyond the basics, this course discusses physical, emotional, and psychological health disparities and concerns for those in the LGBTQ community.

Trauma-Informed Care

Many of the clients we work with daily in the human services have been affected by traumatic experiences. In these trainings you will be taught skills that make you better equipped to properly address trauma with greater care. In An Overview of Sexual Violence, learn how sexual violence is perpetrated across all ages, races, religions and economic statuses. In Domestic Violence: Lessons Learned, see how physical violence is typically accompanied by emotional or psychological abuse that can lead to depression, anxiety and loss of self-esteem.

Continuing Education: Alcohol & other Drugs

Familylinks has worked for decades with individuals who are learning to address their addiction and begin the journey of recovery. Trainings like Chemical Dependency & the Family teach you to help clients overcome the obstacles of co-dependence and become more responsible for their own. This course focuses on empowering individual members of a family in this situation in order to help them to break free of the cycle. Our Prescription Drug Abuse training shows the impact of prescription drug abuse across society; the number of those using these specific drugs is climbing beyond those using cocaine, heroin and other traditional street drugs. Learn how to recognize the use of prescription drug abuse, specific tolerance and withdrawal effects.

Continuing Education: Social Work

When working with children and adolescents, it’s crucial to stay up to date, both on techniques and on the law. You can learn and keep up to date with constantly evolving regulations in Understanding the PA Child Protective Service Law. In Building Self Esteem with Youth in Crisis, learn how providing specific concrete activities designed to promote opportunities for achievement can improve a youth’s self-esteem and make them more socially and emotionally competent.

Continuing Education: Mental Health

Techniques for administering therapy are ever-changing; our trainings help you to keep on top of your field, and serve clients as effectively as possible. In seminars like Family Therapy Skills, learn competency-based concepts of systems theory, and conceptualize ways to apply them to family problems or conflicts. In other trainings, like Creative Counseling Techniques, you’ll be introduced to a variety of counseling techniques, and will develop an understanding of the value of using creative techniques to maximize client responses.

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