Executive Team

Stacey Vaccaro
Stacey Vaccaro President & Chief Executive Officer
Ray Herron
Ray Herron Chief Financial Officer
Monique Jackson
Monique Jackson Chief Operations Officer
Jim Needles
Jim Needles Chief Information Officer

Leadership Team

John Amato
John Amato Director of Training &
Consultation Services
Lisa Evans
Lisa Evans Director of Service Coordination
Lauren Galletta
Lauren Galletta Director of Development & Outreach
Becky Haberstroh
Becky Haberstroh Director of Business Development
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas Director of Youth & Family Services
Nancy Simpronio
Nancy Simpronio Senior Director of Human Resources
Ann Truxell
Ann Truxell Executive Director of Vintage
Ann Truxell
Mallory Anderson Ulizio Director of Program Quality and Compliance