Center for Active Adults

Familylinks works to improve and influence the experience of aging in our community through Vintage Center for Active Adults.

In 2015, Vintage became part of Familylinks, to ensure that older adults can remain Strong. For Life. In addition to on-site activities and programs at Vintage, our senior services include comprehensive information and referral services to meet the needs of adults age 60 and older in Allegheny County.

Because, whether you are a baby boomer or approaching 90 years of age, the goals remain the same:

  • Stay active and healthy

  • Maintain your independence

  • Pursue your interests

  • Make new friends

At Vintage, we help you meet these goals by promoting your social and physical well-being. After all, fun recreational and wellness activities help you accomplish your goals by using your mind, time, energy and talents in a positive and productive way.

Vintage is one of the most popular community centers for active adults and serves nearly 1,500 individuals each year.

If you, or someone you know, may benefit from these services, please call (412) 361-5003 or visit the Vintage website.

We are here to help.