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About Familylinks

Familylinks serves more than 11,000+ of western Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens each year, transforming lives through a wide range of vital services. For a woman in recovery from addiction, we provide a safe place to grow strong — with her children by her side. For a child with autism struggling to succeed at school, we provide a classroom that meets his needs and enables him to thrive. For a teenager with nowhere to stay, we provide a place to sleep and a chance to learn the skills needed to find a job and a permanent home.

Familylinks formed in 2000, the product of a merger between two of the Pittsburgh area’s most trusted human-service organizations, The Whale’s Tale and Parent-Child Guidance Center. The roots of the agency stretch back over 50 years. Today, with offices in East Liberty, Banksville and Shadyside and facilities throughout the area, Familylinks serves clients from 12 counties in the western Pennsylvania region.

Services range from outpatient mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment to supports coordination for those with intellectual disabilities and education for children whose behavioral or developmental health issues keep them from thriving in a traditional school setting. Familylinks delivers unique services, like mobile therapy for older adults in Allegheny County who aren’t able to travel to a traditional outpatient office for counseling. We administer the Caregivers First Initiative, a free service for caregivers of older adults who need help balancing their caregiving work with everyday life. We reach out to local schools with our prevention education programs and our school-based mental health services.

Familylinks’ family of services also now includes Vintage, one of the area’s largest and most established senior centers. The addition of Vintage as an affiliate has helped solidify Familylinks’ reputation as a provider of care for older adults in the Pittsburgh region.

We’re proud to be one of the region’s largest and most comprehensive human-service providers. Throughout our website, you can learn more about who we are and how, each year, we help thousands of your friends, neighbors and loved ones become healthy, happy and strong. For life.