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Child (17 or under)

Street Outreach Program

Familylinks’ Street Outreach Program is a federally funded program devoted to making connections with runaway, homeless and street youth. Establishing trust with members of this vulnerable population can be tough; the idea behind Street Outreach is to begin the process of building positive, trusting relationships with young people who can use a hand, but are often reluctant to take one.

Who is eligible?

The Street Outreach Program seeks contact with teens and young adults who are experiencing homelessness.

Pathways to Independence

Clients are referred by Allegheny County Human Services Rapid Response Team; families cannot register a child for this service directly.

Pathways to Independence provides a safe and therapeutic environment for children and youth with mental-health issues or identified special needs to live and receive specialized care. Pathways is specially tailored to children and youth who simply can’t stay at home with family because of issues stemming from their mental health diagnosis, health issues or other similar challenges.

Outpatient Mental Health - School Partnership

Our School Partnership only serves students enrolled in the schools that Familylinks partners with. If your child may benefit from counseling, please consider our Outpatient Mental Health Clinic.

Mental health is far from an adults-only matter. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, half of all mental health disorders show their first signs before the person affected turns 14.

Therapeutic Learning Center

Parents cannot enroll their child directly in this program. The decision to send a student to the Therapeutic Learning Center is only made with input from the parent and their home school district. If your child might benefit from a specialized school program, consult with their teacher or school administrator.

Supports Coordination

Clients for this service must be referred by their home county. Contact your county’s Department of Human Services for information on supports coordination services available to you. If Familylinks Supports Coordination is available in your county, you’ll then be able to choose us as your provider.


While some children with mental health issues respond well to outpatient treatment, for others, it’s important for a therapist to be available more often, and in more places. Short Term Enhanced Programming (STEP) provides extra mobile assistance to children and adolescents with severe emotional disturbances. In the home, in school, and in the community, STEP gives your child the support they need to improve their ability to cope and grow, regardless of the time or circumstance.


Clients are referred by Allegheny County Human Services Rapid Response Team; families cannot register a child for this service directly.

Recovery Support Center

Our Recovery Support Center provides outpatient services that help those struggling with dependency to become strong and substance-free. We treat the client’s addiction alongside any co-occurring mental disorders, through outpatient or intensive outpatient therapy (anywhere from one to five days a week).

Who is eligible?

Men, women and adolescents who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs, including heroin.