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Street Outreach Program

Familylinks’ Street Outreach Program is a federally funded program devoted to making connections with runaway, homeless and street youth. Establishing trust with members of this vulnerable population can be tough; the idea behind Street Outreach is to begin the process of building positive, trusting relationships with young people who can use a hand, but are often reluctant to take one.

Who is eligible?

The Street Outreach Program seeks contact with teens and young adults who are experiencing homelessness.

What can you expect?

  • Street outreach workers and youth support partners make contact in person and via social media with youth experiencing homelessness.

  • Street outreach workers provide safety kits, backpacks and other vital materials to runaway, homeless and street youth.

  • Street outreach workers help youth connect with assistance such as education, life skills training, medical help, food, clothing and shelter.

What makes Familylinks different?

  • Our Street Outreach Program is the only federally funded program of its kind in the Pittsburgh area.

  • Familylinks’ street outreach workers can connect youth with our shelter services on a walk-in basis.

  • Familylinks has decades of experience working with homeless youth through our Downtown Outreach Center and Shelter and the National Safe Place program, for which Familylinks is Pittsburgh’s provider.

How do you enroll?

Individuals don’t enroll directly, but we’re glad to make contact if you or someone you know is in their teens or twenties and experiencing homelessness. To get in touch with Street Outreach, call 412-924-0500 or email

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Federally funded program making connections with young people who are experiencing homelessness.