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Downtown Outreach Center & Shelter

People experiencing homelessness in Allegheny County must contact the Allegheny Link at 866-730-2368 in order to connect with shelter and other resources.

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 24 and are facing homelessness, our Downtown Outreach Center and Shelter (DOCS) can provide you with a place to stay and a plan for the future. We provide immediate necessities such as food, shelter, medical care, and counseling, while identifying and planning for individual needs.

Who is eligible?

Youth ages 18-24 with no permanent residence. This includes:

  • Youth who have run away or been kicked out of their family’s home
  • Youth who are “couch-surfing”
  • Youth whose financial situation makes it impossible to afford a place to live

What can you expect?

  • During a stay at DOCS, you’ll be provided with emergency shelter, food and clothing for up to 60 days while we work with you to create a plan for your next steps.
  • If after 60 days we haven’t gotten you into permanent housing, don’t worry – we’ll continue to work with you and make sure you have a place to stay!
  • DOCS is located in Uptown, close to Consol Energy Center.
  • DOCS residents have a bed of their own, and access to communal living spaces and a kitchen.
  • Residents have a curfew at night, and are expected to be out either at work, in school or working to find a job during the daytime hours.
  • If you’ve been involved in the foster care system, are 21 or younger and are having trouble living on your own, you have the option of entering our Resumption Assistance Program, staying at DOCS for a period of time.

What makes Familylinks different?

DOCS isn’t just a shelter; it’s an entry point into a variety of programs that will identify a plan to either reunite young people with their families or help them get on their feet and become independent young adults. Our case managers work with you to establish what path best suits your needs, and help you achieve your goals.

How do you enroll?

People who are living without a permanent home and seeking help in Allegheny County can find resources, including DOCS, through the Allegheny Link by calling 866-730-2368. Allegheny County requires that you go through this channel. The county will connect you with a DOCS placement if it’s appropriate based on your age and living situation.

Meta Description: 

DOCS provides a place to stay and life-skills training for youth 18-24 who have no permanent home.