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Administrative Service Coordination

If you’re raising a child with mental health issues, our Administrative Service Coordination (ASC) program can ensure that you get the help you need. It’s not just about therapy and psychiatric services – in fact, that’s just the beginning. From clinical services for your child to financial help and legal services for the family, ASC can help you to find the different kinds of assistance that are available to you. ASC is a one-stop shop for getting the help you need to work through the challenges of your unique situation.

Who does it serve?

Children ages 3-21 who have a mental health diagnosis, along with their families.

What can you expect?

After an assessment, ASC will provide referrals to clinical services and other support services. An administrative service coordinator can help you to:

  • Find mental health services
  • Resolve financial issues
  • Obtain health care insurance and access community resources
  • Find connections to educational and legal advocacy when needed

How do you enroll?

  • Children may be referred by their parent or legal guardian, or their health care professional. Proof of diagnosis will be required.
  • Contact our central intake department for more information: 866-583-0603
Meta Description: 

Coordination of support services for children and adolescents with a mental-health diagnosis.