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Autism Spectrum Disorder or Developmental Disability

Therapeutic Learning Center

Parents cannot enroll their child directly in this program. The decision to send a student to the Therapeutic Learning Center is only made with input from the parent and their home school district. If your child might benefit from a specialized school program, consult with their teacher or school administrator.


Clients are referred by Allegheny County Human Services Rapid Response Team; families cannot register a child for this service directly.

The Camp at Familylinks

Just because school’s out, that doesn’t mean learning — and spending time with friends — has to stop. For kids on the autism spectrum especially, opportunities for socialization and learning activities are important during the summer vacation months. The Camp at Familylinks (our day camp for children on the spectrum, age 4-10) features storytime, creative arts and crafts, outdoor activities, social-skills training and many other features geared toward helping children to develop interactive skills while also having fun.

Administrative Service Coordination

If you’re raising a child with mental health issues, our Administrative Service Coordination (ASC) program can ensure that you get the help you need. It’s not just about therapy and psychiatric services – in fact, that’s just the beginning. From clinical services for your child to financial help and legal services for the family, ASC can help you to find the different kinds of assistance that are available to you. ASC is a one-stop shop for getting the help you need to work through the challenges of your unique situation.