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Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Family-Based Mental Health Services

If your child is dealing with mental health issues, Family Based Mental Health services help your entire family learn skills to help stay happy and healthy together. Family Based treatment involves a team of two therapists coming to the client family’s home and working with different family members. Your child’s and family’s issues are addressed where they occur (in the home), and everyone in the household is involved in the solution.

The Camp at Familylinks

Just because school’s out, that doesn’t mean learning — and spending time with friends — has to stop. For kids on the autism spectrum especially, opportunities for socialization and learning activities are important during the summer vacation months. The Camp at Familylinks (our day camp for children on the spectrum, age 4-10) features storytime, creative arts and crafts, outdoor activities, social-skills training and many other features geared toward helping children to develop interactive skills while also having fun.