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Case Management & Service Coordination

Vintage, Inc.

Vintage, an East Liberty-based senior center, works to promote the social and physical well-being of older adults by helping them stay active and independent, pursue their interests, and make new friends. Aside from activities available in the center, Vintage offers Better Choices, Better Health, which helps older adults deal with conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. With yoga, taichi, day trips, line dancing and so many other activities accessible to all, this isn’t your grandparents’ senior center.

Supports Coordination

Clients for this service must be referred by their home county. Contact your county’s Department of Human Services for information on supports coordination services available to you. If Familylinks Supports Coordination is available in your county, you’ll then be able to choose us as your provider.

Caregivers First Initiative

Caring for an older loved one is rewarding, but it can also be stressful. Taking care of an older adult can be like a second full-time job, leaving the caregiver with little time to attend to their own responsibilities, and bills that keep piling up. Fortunately, there’s a place to turn: The Caregivers First Initiative is a free service that helps caregivers manage stress and learn strategies to cope and care for themselves.

Administrative Service Coordination

If you’re raising a child with mental health issues, our Administrative Service Coordination (ASC) program can ensure that you get the help you need. It’s not just about therapy and psychiatric services – in fact, that’s just the beginning. From clinical services for your child to financial help and legal services for the family, ASC can help you to find the different kinds of assistance that are available to you. ASC is a one-stop shop for getting the help you need to work through the challenges of your unique situation.