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Older Adult (60 and older)

Vintage, Inc.

Vintage, an East Liberty-based senior center, works to promote the social and physical well-being of older adults by helping them stay active and independent, pursue their interests, and make new friends. Aside from activities available in the center, Vintage offers Better Choices, Better Health, which helps older adults deal with conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. With yoga, taichi, day trips, line dancing and so many other activities accessible to all, this isn’t your grandparents’ senior center.

Supports Coordination

Clients for this service must be referred by their home county. Contact your county’s Department of Human Services for information on supports coordination services available to you. If Familylinks Supports Coordination is available in your county, you’ll then be able to choose us as your provider.

Recovery Support Center

Our Recovery Support Center provides outpatient services that help those struggling with dependency to become strong and substance-free. We treat the client’s addiction alongside any co-occurring mental disorders, through outpatient or intensive outpatient therapy (anywhere from one to five days a week).

Who is eligible?

Men, women and adolescents who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs, including heroin.

Outpatient Mental Health - Clinic

If you live with a mental health condition, you’re not alone. One in five Americans will experience some mental health issue in their life. And there’s no age limit: Children, adults and older adults can all find their lives changed by this common problem.

While mental health issues can rob you of your hope, it’s important to know that with treatment, life can be bearable again.

Mobile Mental Health Treatment

If you’re an older adult dealing with mental health issues, you might also have trouble getting to a therapist or counselor, because of transportation issues or because your health limits your mobility. That’s where Mobile Mental Health Treatment (MMHT) helps.

Your MMHT therapist travels to your home to work with you when you’re unable to leave the house. For clients who suffer from depression, anxiety, hoarding or other disorders that make it difficult to go out and seek treatment, MMHT helps by making therapy accessible.

Family Treatment Centers

We operate two Family Treatment Centers, which provide long-term (up to six months) residential treatment for women age 18 or older who are committed to working on their recovery from addiction. We help women develop recovery skills, improve their well-being, enhance their parenting skills, and preserve or repair family relationships.