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Our History

Familylinks has been around in name since 2001, but our history goes back much further.

In 1956, the South Hills Guidance Center with Outpatient Services opened, later to be renamed the Parent & Child Guidance Center. In Pittsburgh’s eastern neighborhoods, The Whale’s Tale was founded in 1970, addressing the issues of youth homelessness and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Both organizations had stellar reputations and decades of experience when, in 2000, they announced their intention to merge. In 2001, the merger was complete, and Familylinks was created.

Over the years, as Parent & Child Guidance Center, The Whale’s Tale and Familylinks, the agency has attended to a variety of societal needs. Our Family Treatment Centers have given women a place to face their addiction without having to leave their children behind. We’ve run numerous shelters for runaway and homeless youth, and kids who face abuse and neglect at home.

While Familylinks established itself as a go-to organization for young people in need in the Pittsburgh area, more recently we’ve shown that we’re not just for youth. Our outpatient mental health and addiction recovery programs treat clients young and old, and some of our more recent services have addressed older adults. Options Care Management helps older residents find connections to the services they need; Mobile Mental Health Treatment brings therapy to older people in their own homes; the Caregivers First Initiative helps caregivers of older adults learn techniques for dealing with stress.

And in 2015, Familylinks announced its affiliation with Vintage, a senior center that’s been serving East Liberty and the surrounding area for decades. We couldn’t be more excited to add Vintage to our continuum of services.