Press Release

Homeless and At-Risk Youth Receive Holiday Gifts from Familylinks’ Volunteers

Annual Holiday Campaign Overcomes COVID-19 Restrictions

Familylinks announced today that every youth in the agency’s nine residential facilities will receive gifts this Holiday Season, thanks to a number of volunteer groups who are participating in the 2020 Holiday Campaign. The volunteers and Familylinks staff have worked to keep the annual program in place while observing all COVID-19 restrictions and safety guidelines.

More than 150 gifts will be available for 85+ homeless and at-risk youth. This year’s volunteer groups are:

  • Churchill Wilkins Rotary Club

  • Epworth United Methodist Church

  • First Bethel Methodist Church

  • First Lutheran Church

  • Henderson Brothers

  • Jack & Jill of America

  • Mt. Lebanon High School

  • St. Aiden Parish

  • St. Catherine of Sweden

  • St. Mary’s Parish

  • St. Regis Parish

  • Walsh Construction

Stacey Vaccaro, president and CEO, “We are especially grateful to our 2020 Holiday Campaign volunteer groups this year. The holiday season can be very stressful for the young people entrusted to our care.
While our staff does a wonderful job decorating our facilities and creating a festive atmosphere, a special gift or two can make a difference in the outlook of a young person who is away from their family. These youth are often in our care for a lengthy period of time so they become extended family for us and we try to make the holidays as warm and comforting as possible.”

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