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Familylinks Marks National Recovery Month in September

Community outreach will address COVID-related barriers for those in recovery

Familylinks announced today that the agency will mark National Recovery Month in September with a month-long outreach effort to address barriers and provide additional support for those in recovery and their families during COVID-19 restrictions. Using traditional and social media, the agency will extend messages of hope and encouragement to Familylinks’ consumers and others seeking to overcome substance use.

Stacey Vaccaro, president and CEO of Familylinks, commented, “The road to recovery is long and challenging under the best circumstances, but COVID-19 has made it a much more difficult task. As an essential service provider, Familylinks has used today’s technology to maintain service delivery for the nearly 9,000 children, adults and seniors who turn to Familylinks for a variety of support programs. For our outpatient consumers in recovery, we have been able to use telehealth for individual, group and family counseling. We are also providing additional behavioral and mental health services for those experiencing anxiety, isolation and stress to help them maintain the recovery success they have achieved. These activities have been in place for months and will continue beyond September, but we will highlight these issues for the community in a more visible effort during National Recovery Month.”

Familylinks has been providing support programs and services to individuals in recovery and their families for decades. In addition to tele-services, the agency operates two locations for outpatient services – in Shadyside and on Banksville Road – offering a comprehensive range of treatment options including individual, group, couples, and family counseling. The agency’s inpatient recovery program is a secure residential facility for women, including pregnant women, where they can bring up to two children with them to maintain the family unit. To learn more about these programs and others that Familylinks offers, please call 866-583-6003. Familylinks is a nonprofit organization committed to building healthy communities by strengthening individuals and families through the provision of comprehensive, quality services. By believing in the worth of those served, Familylinks assures that all children, families and seniors in western Pennsylvania have the tools they need to be healthy, happy and strong for life. Last year alone, the agency served nearly 9,000 people. These individuals range from children to seniors, in a variety of neighborhoods, income groups and beliefs. They all have one thing in common - when they turn to Familylinks in their time of need, we are here for them. To learn more, visit


Lauren Galletta
Director of Development & Outreach
[email protected]