Press Release

Familylinks Launches Prevention Website for Students, Educators and Parents

Content addresses bullying, drugs, conflict resolution and similar issues facing youth

Familylinks announced today that the agency has launched a new website devoted to providing an array of age-appropriate resources for students facing issues at school which can include bullying, peer pressure, self-image, life skills, conflict resolution, decision-making, and substance use. The Familylinks Virtual Prevention website is now available to anyone at The content includes videos, book recommendations, podcasts and engaging activities for students K-8, plus access for parents and educators to all Familylinks services.

Stacey Vaccaro, President and CEO, commented, “To mark National Substance Use Prevention Month in October, Familylinks’ Prevention Team created and launched this new website to bring our Prevention content and services to students, their parents and educators during this time of social distancing and various school formats. Typically, our Prevention Team would be onsite at schools throughout this region, as they have for many years, to directly deliver the tools that students need to be safe and determine their own path. The new website is in addition to the active social media presence maintained by the Prevention Team for students of all ages. The Team is also available for virtual presentations to specific classrooms and groups when requested.”

Arrangements can be made for a Familylinks virtual presentation by contacting 866-583-6003. By request, printed materials are also available for distribution in the classroom.

Familylinks is a nonprofit organization committed to building healthy communities by strengthening individuals and families through the provision of comprehensive, quality services. By believing in the worth of those served, Familylinks assures that all children, families and seniors in western Pennsylvania have the tools they need to be healthy, happy and strong for life. Last year alone, the agency served nearly 9,000 people. These individuals range from children to seniors, in a variety of neighborhoods, income groups and beliefs. They all have one thing in common - when they turn to Familylinks in their time of need, we are here for them. To learn more, visit