Press Release

Familylinks Launches New Partnership with Beaver County

Pathways III Program provides residential and clinical care for youth ages 5-21

Familylinks announced today a new partnership with the Beaver County System of Care to make the Pathways III Program available to youth in Beaver County ages 5-21.  The program will deliver trauma-informed care and 24/7 residential supervision to youth whose diagnosis requires mental health services. The Pathways III Program will provide coordinated clinical, rehabilitative interventions and support for youth and their families.

Stacey Vaccaro, president and CEO, commented, “Familylinks is proud to have developed a new collaborative relationship with the Beaver County System of Care to offer a safe, strength-based residential environment for Beaver County youth through our Pathways III Program. This setting will encourage youth and their families to learn and practice new ways of living, interacting and problem-solving to strengthen the family unit. We are pleased to be providing this critical programming in conjunction with Wesley Family Services.”

She continued, “Our board and staff recognize the significant need for expanding community partnerships during COVID-19 restrictions, which have resulted in limited access to essential resources for many families. With the addition of the Beaver County System of Care to our roster, Familylinks is growing the number of western Pennsylvania families who can receive a broad range of support services as we have been able to maintain operations throughout the pandemic.”

Familylinks is a nonprofit organization committed to building healthy communities by strengthening individuals and families through the provision of comprehensive, quality services. By believing in the worth of those served, Familylinks assures that all children, families and seniors in western Pennsylvania have the tools they need to be healthy, happy and strong for life. Last year alone, the agency served nearly 9,000 people. These individuals range from children to seniors, in a variety of neighborhoods, income groups and beliefs. They all have one thing in common - when they turn to Familylinks in their time of need, we are here for them. To learn more, visit