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Familylinks Announces New Mission and Vision Statements

Pittsburgh, PA (July 19) – Familylinks announced today that the agency has created new mission and vision statements to acknowledge the growing need for access to a full range of comprehensive family-centered services in today’s communities. Familylinks is also launching a new website to facilitate the availability of information and resources for individuals and families seeking assistance and support.


The new Familylinks mission statement is: To positively impact lives through integrated community, behavioral, and social programs. The new vision statement is: Thriving communities of healthy and strong people.


Stacey Vaccaro, president and CEO at Familylinks, stated, “Our new mission and vision statements reflect the needs of the communities we serve today, and the ability of Familylinks’ programs to effectively meet those needs now and into the future. Even before COVID-19, we were responding to an increasing array of stress, conflict, and trauma affecting so many. By offering 25 integrated programs and support services, Familylinks has the resources to address a variety of situations individuals and families may be facing, or direct them to additional resources when necessary.”


She continued, “To assist in implementing our new mission and vision, Familylinks has launched a new, user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and quickly provides the first step to gain access to the support needed. Our web address remains the same,, and we encourage everyone to visit the site to learn how we can help.”


When drafting the new mission and vision, Familylinks leadership hosted community leaders for conversation and received great input to ensure these statements accurately reflected those served.


Familylinks serves nearly 9,000 people annually in western Pennsylvania. These individuals range from children to seniors, in a variety of neighborhoods, income groups and beliefs. They all have one thing in common - in their time of need, Familylinks is here for them. To learn more about Familylinks and the services available to the community, please visit or call 866-583-6003.



Lauren Galletta

Director of Development and Outreach


[email protected]