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Adolescent Semi-Independent Living

Note: This service is only available via referral from Allegheny County CYF or the court system. Families cannot arrange directly for a child’s admission.

The Adolescent Semi-Independent Living (ASIL) is a residential community-based setting for adolescent youth between the ages of 16 and 20 years who are actively involved with the child welfare or juvenile justice system. Efforts focus on youth education, employment, permanent housing and supporting youth to develop independent living skills as they transition to adulthood.

Who is eligible?

Youth ages 16-20 who are actively involved with the child welfare or juvenile justice systems in Allegheny and surrounding counties?


How can you enroll?

Youth are referred to the program by child welfare or juvenile justice services and are court-ordered into care.


What can you expect?

ASIL provides youth a structured, supervised apartment living arrangement to prepare for independent community living and transition to adulthood. A case manager supports the youth to develop an individualized service plan and goals. Counselors assist youth to meet their educational, employment and housing goals while supporting the development of independent living skills. Youth are supported in maintaining or reconnecting with family members and other support systems.

Meta Description: 

Residential community based apartment setting for youth active in the child welfare or juvenile justice systems.