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Therapeutic Learning Center

Parents cannot enroll their child directly in this program. The decision to send a student to the Therapeutic Learning Center is only made with input from the parent and their home school district. If your child might benefit from a specialized school program, consult with their teacher or school administrator.

Some children living with mental health issues or developmental disabilities find that they have trouble fitting in and succeeding at school. Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and other issues can lead to lagging grades and disciplinary problems.

When a child’s condition makes it too difficult to succeed in a traditional school, their district may suggest our Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC). We’ll work with the student in a specialized learning environment and help them identify and use their own learning style. The goal is always to return the child to their home school, but only when they’re ready.

The TLC:

  • is a private special-education school and therapeutic treatment program combined into one
  • is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Department of Human Services

Who is eligible?

  • Children in Pre-K through grade 6
  • Children who fall on the autism spectrum or who have severe behavioral or developmental disorders
  • Children whose condition interferes with their learning at school
  • Students who are referred by their home school district

What makes it different?

The TLC provides one staff member for every three students. In addition to standard school activities and therapeutic sessions (like music therapy, and visits from therapy dogs), students receive mental health treatment on site.

How do you enroll?

Parents cannot come directly to Familylinks to enroll their child. If you’re interested in a program like the TLC for your child, talk to your child’s teacher or school administrator about your options.

More information:

Read about one TLC student’s success in our 2014-15 Annual Report.

Meta Description: 

Specialized school experience for children Pre-K through grade 6 with behavioral health issues or Autism Spectrum Disorder.