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Therapeutic Classroom

Familylinks Therapeutic Classrooms are in select public schools and serve only students who attend those schools. Families cannot register their own children for participation in this program.

Familylinks operates Therapeutic Classrooms in several schools in Pittsburgh Public Schools, helping students through targeted therapy, retraining, intense academic support and family involvement. The Therapeutic Classrooms’ comprehensive treatment programs address both the behavioral and mental health needs of the student while implementing individualized plans, to give students the support, tools and skills needed to get back into the mainstream classroom successfully.

Who is eligible?

Students Pre-K through 6th grade with mental health and behavioral issues.

What can I expect?

  • Familylinks therapists work directly with school staff to determine student needs.
  • A certified special education classroom teacher oversees the classroom program and implements the students’ individual education programs.

How do I enroll?

Therapeutic Classrooms exist only in specific schools with which Familylinks is contracted to work. If you’re interested in similar programming for your child, talk to your school administrator, who can let you know what programs are offered in your district.

Meta Description: 

Specialized classrooms in public schools for students with behavioral health issues.