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School and Community Based Prevention Services

Familylinks Prevention Services focus on targeting the roots of various problems youth may face. From bullying to addiction, the best way to deal with these issues is to stop them before they begin. Our specialists work with young people to develop social-emotional learning and encourage positive life choices.

** Our prevention services are now virtual! Visit the Familylinks Prevention Program's website: so Schools, Community Groups, Families, and more can stay engaged and access prevention materials from anywhere! **

In Schools: 

Prevention services provide classroom and small group sessions for students to examine their self-image and self-worth. We help students learn to look at challenges in a positive light, set goals, think critically about problems and solutions, and make positive decisions.

Prevention topics in schools include but are not limited to: Appreciating Differences, Creating Healthy Relationships, Positive Self-Talk, Anger Management, Setting Boundaries, Mindfulness, Character Building, Self-Love, Family Ties, Bullying, and Healthy Mind, Heart and Body.

Our Prevention program’s school affiliations are generally determined in conjunction with Allegheny County; some services are available upon request.

In the Community:

The Prevention Team engages and collaborates with our surrounding communities, providing organizations with educational activities for after-school programs, health fairs, and community events.

We present educational workshops and training to school personnel, health care workers, and community groups at various venues with take home Prevention materials for all ages.

Prevention materials and speaking engagement topics in the community include but are not limited to: Healthy Living, Strong Families, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Mental Health Service Information, Youth Community involvement, and Active Listening Skills.

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Meta Description: 

Education programs to help young people make better decisions and live healthy and successful lives.