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Pathways to Independence

Clients are referred by Allegheny County Human Services Rapid Response Team; families cannot register a child for this service directly.

Pathways to Independence provides a safe and therapeutic environment for children and youth with mental-health issues or identified special needs to live and receive specialized care. Pathways is specially tailored to children and youth who simply can’t stay at home with family because of issues stemming from their mental health diagnosis, health issues or other similar challenges.

Who is eligible?

Children and youth ages 4-21 with persistent mental illness and/or other special needs that require intensive support. Children entering Pathways utilize two or more of the county’s systems of service.

What can you expect?

  • The young client comes to live full-time at our residential facility, with 24-hour supervision by our staff.

  • Our specialists work with the child to reach treatment goals and achieve new milestones.

  • Familylinks provides specialized care to the client’s ensure health, safety and well-being.

  • Clients receive intensive mental health treatment, family therapy, and case management services.

  • We work with an identified treatment team that includes the client’s home, school and community.

  • The goal of Pathways is to work with the client until she or he is able to live at home with family or progress to a less restrictive level of care.

What makes Familylinks different?

  • Our staff are trained in trauma-informed care, taking into account how the experience of trauma may be affecting the client’s behavior and response to care.

How do you enroll?

Clients are referred through Allegheny County’s Department of Human Services Rapid Response Team. Parents cannot directly request placement for their child.

Meta Description: 

Residential program for children and youth with mental illness.