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Anthony’s Story

Anthony struggled in pre-kindergarten at his home school district. Growing up around verbal and physical abuse, he had trouble controlling his emotions. He had a hard time making friends, and following the rules. At the tender age of five, he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. His home district knew right away that he wouldn't get along well in a traditional classroom, and at the start of kindergarten, Anthony was referred to Familylinks' Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC).

"The behaviors Anthony was showing were so intense," said his instructor at the TLC. "It was stuff no five-year-old should ever show."

In a standard classroom, Anthony may well have dropped to the bottom of the class and struggled to ever improve. His emotional issues and disciplinary problems would certainly have stunted his academic growth. When he came to us, he was dependent almost solely on his mother for support, and was unable to form trusting relationships with others. A traditional school setting wouldn't give him the time and encouragement he needed to overcome his trust issues.

Because of your help, the Familylinks TLC is different, and it didn't take long for Anthony to start to excel. He received one-on-one attention that he couldn't have counted on in a traditional school. He worked with teachers and a therapist, who strove to discover his unique way of learning and take advantage of his strengths.

"He really fell into place," his teacher said. "He came in academically low [at the beginning of kindergarten], but by the end of the year he was ready to enter first grade." What's more: where Anthony once had trouble getting along with other kids, his social relationships blossomed. "Other kids are seeking him out, to be his friend," his teacher added.

"The staff is so caring and compassionate," Anthony's mom said of the TLC. "Familylinks treats us like people, not just a number. They work so hard with him, and they communicate with me. They even take care of providing us with a pharmacy."