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Administrative Service Coordination (ASC)

Administrative Service Coordination (ASC)

There's no question that it's difficult to care for a child with mental health problems, but add all of life's other challenges on top of that, and you may find yourself in a situation that feels almost hopeless. ASC is a program you can turn to for the assistance you need to ensure continuity of care for your child, age 3-21, who has a mental health diagnosis. We offer support in coordinating services for the whole family, across various clinical and/or community programs -- and ASC operates with the utmost sensitivity to you and your situation.

Familylinks is one of 12 agencies in Allegheny County to be designated by the Allegheny County Department of Human Services as an official Service Coordination Unit (SCU). A mental health SCU, formerly known as a Base Service Unit, is an agency that coordinates and provides mental health services. For you, this means a one-stop shop for mental health services -- from intake to discharge -- with client care being closely monitored throughout treatment.  We offer assistance with assessments, service planning, linkages, monitoring, advocacy, coordination, and service authorization.

Our program aims to:

  • Enhance a child's functioning within the family, community and school
  • Educate and empower families to seek and acquire the services and support they need to maintain positive daily functioning
  • Assist families in developing and enhancing natural support networks
  • Decrease out-of-home placements and inpatient hospitalizations
  • Assist with transitions among clinical and support services
  • Improve relationships among children and their families

How do we do it? By providing the following:

  • Assessment and referrals to clinical and support services within Familylinks and throughout the county
  • Assistance in resolving financial issues, obtaining health care insurance, and accessing community and recreational resources
  • Educational and legal advocacy when needed


ASC maintains a low case load, and thus is better able to:

  • Work closely with children
  • Access more community resources such as the Boys' and Girls' Clubs, church groups, and food banks
  • Find activities in the community based on what the family and the team feel is best for the child
  • Work with other community agencies to provide the highest level of care








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